Commuter students

Aki Jain is a third year undergrad student at University of North Texas. She is majoring in Marketing with a minor of Psychology. She plans to graduate May of 2016. Her hobbies include archery, kayaking, and traveling.

It’s no joke that college is tough. As if the class load + homework + extra-curricular and an occasional amount of getting drunk on the weekends isn’t already hard enough to keep up with. Add in the 45 minute commute and you may just want to skip that 8 am class. Whoever said college was a breeze was obviously the kid in the back of the class who showed up once a year. Well you know what, that’s life and I’m here to help you keep your sanity.
Scheduling classes
First off, you should only take 8 am classes if you know you’re a morning person. Otherwise the semester will not be that ray of sunshine you were expecting. Know your circadian cycle; are you a morning person? A night owl or do you just go with the flow? These things are a big decision when you are signing up for classes even if you aren’t a commuter student. For the commuters out there take these things into consideration:
1. Know your time frame
- If you know you’re a morning person and you’re dying to take that 8 am class with a 45 minute commute. Just know that you will most likely be leaving your house around 6:30. If you’re cool with it then go for it!
2. Plan your days wisely
- Personally, as a commuter student I scheduled all of my classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It saved me gas (which is important if you’re that broke college kid, aka everyone) and it also gave me time the rest of the week to get all of my homework done and also participate in extracurricular. However, if you’re taking more than 15 hours it may be wise to do Mon-Thurs, otherwise by your third class you will be day dreaming about what tequila you want to drink over the weekend, or what you should buy at taco bell for lunch.
Saving yourself from the Boredom
Yes, the drive can be pretty long and dreadful after a long day at school. But hey, now you get to listen to your favorite songs and just reflect on your day and how you can improve tomorrow. With such a busy schedule my drive home was the time I had to myself. I could roll down the windows and blast my favorite music. If you start hating your drives it’ll just ruin your day, and your semester.
Don’t Slack
Getting out of bed and thinking that you have that long drive ahead of you makes you want to hit that snooze button until it breaks. Motivation and inner drive really is the key to making straight A’s. Students living on campus have it a little easier. They can just walk to their class in pjs. You however, need to motivate yourself to get up every morning for that long day ahead. Without that inner drive it can be so easy to just not care and sleep in that extra hour to miss your first class. Don’t let that happen! An extra hour of sleep is not as important as your GPA.
I hope this has helped my commuter friends in some way or another. Take care.

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