Keeping Your Chin Up When There’s No End In Sight

Chelsea Redding is a college fifth year at Stevenson University in Maryland, studying
Visual Communications Design. After her expected 2015 graduation, Chelsea wishes to
move directly into the design field where she hopes to apply the skills learned in school,
on her job, and from her friends in order to be an innovator in whatever leg of the
industry she chooses. Chelsea understand every up and down as a college student and hopes to aid other
students with any advice she can to make the journey a pleasant one.
For many college students, finishing in four years is a snap of the fingers. For the rest of us with
transfer credits, field of study changes, and just general stuff; the four year road is more like a
five or six year pilgrimage.
You have heard everything from, “Maybe we can cram these credits into one semester.” to “That
class won’t count for you…sorry.”
Most likely you’re at a point where finishing seems like a useless struggle.
No part of you pouring your heart and soul into an endeavor ends with the journey being
First, take a deep breath.
You have to stay and keep calm in order to focus. The stress most likely has you scatterbrained
and quite possibly exhausted and angry. Relax until you feel well enough to think. But not too
long that you’re behind on your work.
Second, put things in order.
Find your course list and go over it. Calculate the classes, the credits, and how much time until
your expected graduation date. Be realistic in this process. Don’t overwhelm yourself with too
many classes in one semester.
Third, stay cool.
Although you have your classes in order and a plan in place anything could go awry. You could
still stress out and fall behind on a course. There is nothing worse than being behind and
overwhelmed because you have to repeat a class.
Lasty, remind yourself of your goal.


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