Colored Eyeliner

Every day you go to class, you attend campus events and explore the nightlife around you. If you want to spice up your makeup routine to add some instant fun to your look no matter where you go or what you do, consider a colored liner! It’s not a new concept, but somehow we forget how a little color can lift our spirits and change up an outfit in an instant. Many gals are nervous to use colored liner because, upon first glance, it seems like a cry for attention. But the only attention you will get are the looks of admiration as you make your way across campus!

With the right product, the right shade and a little practice, you can make it a regular part of your makeup routine and do something unexpected. There’s no better time to start than while your in school to experiment with makeup here and there.

Applying colored eyeliner is not as challenging as you may think. Lots of products come in easy-to-apply sticks that easily glide onto your eye. The semi-creamy stick requires some sharpening, but I’ve found it takes a while because the color comes off the tip so easily. With colored liner, you don’t have to draw a heavy line. In this case, a little does go a long way. Simply take your sharpened pencil from the inside corner of your lid then draw a think line just outside and up. For more drama, line your bottom lid just on the lash line. I personally like to balance the look and wear it everyday by lining my top lid with black liner then line the bottom lids with color.

Speaking of color, how do you know which shade to choose? It really depends on your eye color, mood and taste. I was a little nervous to try colored liner years ago, so I started with a delicious eggplant color. Gradually, I started to experiment. Currently, my favorite is a jungle green color that works well for any season. Another option that looks great on everyone is a deep mauve or magenta. It brightens the eye but definitely has that hint of color. If you have no idea what to choose, visit a makeup counter (specialty cosmetic stores or department store counters are great for this and have awesome colors!) and let someone help you choose.

If you want some versatility in your makeup bag or don’t want to commit to a liner right away, you can always grab a pot of bright shadow and apply with a fine angled liner brush. It might take some practice to get a great line, but it’s well worth it. Then you always have the option to use it as a shadow other times.

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