Kiss Dry Heels Goodbye

After spending months in boots, I think that we can all agree that our heels have seen better days. They are rough, cracked and not ready to make an appearance at the pool or beach anytime soon. If you are a runner or athlete, you may notice this a little more. When I used to run a few miles a day, I noticed that my poor feet really took a beating. One of the best easiest ways to exfoliate the skin on your feet is a nice long walk on the beach. San is like nature’s pedicure and sloughs off all of the dry, dead skin and leaves your feet nice and smooth. It also can work a number on your toenail polish, so I don’t recommend trying this after you’ve just painted your nails.
For the rest of you that don’t live near a beach, I have several at-home remedies that I like to use to get rid of dry skin on my heels and feet. There are always the exfoliating bars that you can buy at any beauty store, but one of my favorite tricks is to use coffee grinds. Soak your feet in warm water and then massage them with coffee grinds. The caffeine will perk your skin right up and the coarseness of the grinds does wonders on your feet. Also, 2-3 nights a week rub a very thick lotion on your feet before bed and then put on socks. In the morning you will wake up with feet so gorgeous you will be ready to show them off!

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