Learn from the Best

The moment you set foot onto your college campus, you are going to be surrounded by some very fine minds. Your professors, your advisors, and even your fellow classmates are all going to give you the opportunity to learn from the best. Take full advantage of that privilege.

Everyone has Something to Teach

No matter what, every single person you encounter has something to teach you. Maybe they are book smart and really know how to study. Maybe they are socially smart and really know how to navigate the social scene. Or maybe someone is an expert in say, graffiti art. When you are at college, make sure that you talk to a wide range of people and figure out what they have to teach you. File away that information for the future. You never know when you might be struggling in statistics, not understanding social psychology, or taking an art class that needs you to do some graffiti art. Experts love to teach people about their passion, and you’ll find that asking for help will be pretty easy.

Professors Want You to Succeed
Professors are like that one gem of a teacher in high school. Instead of just one being passionate about teaching, they pretty much all are passionate about it. It’s the subject that they have dedicated their professional lives to and are eager to share it. If you find that you are struggling with an assignment or preparing for a test, visit the professor during office hours. They are willing to give one-on-one time to help a student out. Why would you go anywhere else than to the person who is being paid to teach what he is an expert on.

Classmates are Valuable

When the going gets tough, the tough stick together. Your classmates are going to be one of your most valuable learning resources. Pick out a few as quickly as possible to form study groups, group assignment team members, and note comparing buddies. The information that will be thrown your way, the amount of study time required to grasp concepts, and the assignments that need to be done are just too much for one person to handle. Classmates are the war buddies who will carry you through these times as you negotiate, delegate and get things done together.

Find a Mentor

During your last two years at college, you should really be participating in an internship or job that will help you create a strong resume for when you graduate. Getting off campus and exposing yourself to people who deal with the real world aspect of your chosen major and not just the theoretical will be valuable to your overall learning process. From these coworkers, try to spot a mentor. This person could become invaluable in helping you navigate your life.

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