Invest in yourself

Josh is a current MBA student at Northern Arizona University. He loves skiing, running, and mountain biking. He has been on Graduate School Government and sat on the Business School activities committee. He has spent much of his life working with the Special Olympics and Boys and Girls club.

Everybody will tell you what the most important thing they learned in college was, and they will all tell you something different. Each of us have to learn through our own opportunities and experiences, and that is the true beauty of college. That said, let me tell you the most important things I learned in college. It is to invest in yourself. The skills you learn both socially and vocationally are what you will build your life upon. There are a few key things I invested in while I was in college.
Invest in your health. It is never too late to start exercising. It will improve how you view yourself, it will teach you goal setting, and it will help you learn discipline. Even if you only do pushups and sit-ups by the side of your bed when you wake up, invest in your health. I have been a runner since I can remember, and in college I picked up biking and triathlon. I have met great friends through these hobbies, but most importantly I have learned self-mastery and discipline. Exercise is also a great coping mechanism. Get a bad grade on a test? Run the pain away. Your fiancé breaks up with you? Run from those demons. I will forever be grateful for the friends and family who instilled in me a love for exercise.
Invest in talents. I learned to dance. I never like dancing, in fact I pretty much hated it. Then one year my girlfriend at the time asked me to take a dance class with her. It was wonderful! I learned to waltz, swing, cha-cha, and many more dances. At a recent wedding I went to I danced with everyone! My date, the bride’s grandmother, the bride’s 5 year old niece, my friend’s dates. I felt like the star of a movie, because people would comment on my dancing, and believe me, I am not a nimble man, but my feeble skills, that I had invested in earlier, helped me to dance with everyone.
Invest in relationships. The biggest mistake I have ever made is talking bad about people. In the world, and especially college, everybody is connected. If you speak poorly about somebody it is almost guaranteed that they will hear about it. Putting someone down does no good for anyone. It will not make you feel better about yourself, and it will not make you feel better about those around you. Instead build up the people around you. Give them a great reputation to live up to. Many times people will surprise you with their ability to live up to potential. The wonderful thing about human nature is that we want to be the best we can. If you give everyone the opportunity to be the best version of themselves they will turn into that.
My last investment is to invest in your education. College is like a buffet, what you take is what you get. You can figuratively eat off of any intellectual buffet you want in college. Take classes that interest you in different areas of study. Learn as much as you can, but don’t stress your grades.
As you move forward always invest in yourself, whether it be through your talents, relationships, education, or health. You have the power to build your life into anything you want, now go and do it!

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