College advice

By Jesse Schob

I am currently a junior at the University of North Florida pursuing a degree in Communication with a focus in Advertising. I am driven, excited and eager to start a career focused around design and hope to incorporate my style into my work.

I am passionate about travel, fashion and home decorating. Once I graduate from UNF in August of 2016, I hope to attend graduate school to further my education and perfect my skills in design. Along the way, I hope to hold internship positions that will allow me to learn and grow within the communication field. Once completing my education, I hope to obtain a position at an advertising agency where I will be able to grow and learn within the company

You finally get your acceptance letter to your dream college. You plan and prep and sooner than you know it you are in a dorm equivalent to the size of a laundry room with a roommate who you have never met. Now, you can embrace this as a new opportunity or immediately decide defeat – embrace it.
College is about adjustments. It is about making it work and going with the flow. My first semester was tough. In high school I had my set group of friends, once we all graduated we parted ways and I ended up at a university where I knew about four people. Looking back now, that is the best thing that has ever happened to me – being secluded and forcing myself to adjust. Now, a junior, I have learned that my biggest regret is not taking advantage of that first year.
Freshman and sophomore year is a time to find oneself. Join clubs and organizations, become apart of something, do really well in your classes and reward yourself for it. Complete all your gen-eds during this time too, because you will regret being the only upperclassman in your earth science lab. Be the person that is the life of the party and the smartest student in class. Working hard is rewarding and slacking off has its consequences. If there is one thing I could tell my freshman-year-self it would be that everything always comes full circle. Try and fail, and then try again. Practice makes perfect. You can do it all, and you should.
Junior year is when things start to get serious. You will start, if you have not already, your major classes. This can either make or break you. I found myself questioning every choice I made this year but bunkered through with reassurance that all my efforts would eventually pay off. Most of my friends either stayed with their major or switched somewhere during this period – adding minors and committing to a few extra semesters. Start looking for internships early and take any experience you can get. Remember that sometimes sacrifices need to be made in order for new opportunities to arise – this is OK. Also, remember that your peers are your mentors – we are all trying to reach the same goal. Help one-another.
Senior year – I have not reached this point yet. From what I have seen I imagine a lot of caffeine and lack of sleep. Understand there will be challenges faced during this time and big opportunities to come. This year will come with a lot of decisions – ultimately, this year could or could not decide what your future entails. Embrace this period – it should be celebrated.
Overall, college is hard. There will be times when you want to give up. There will be times when you have no idea what you are doing with your life. And yes, there will be times when dropping out and hiding away in your room while binge watching Netflix seems like a very comfortable reality – but it is not and you will be OK.


College advice

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