Leather, Leather, Leather

Leather is everywhere! From celebrities to department store fashion, leather is one of the biggest trends this season. No longer only for a biker or the promiscuous, leather can create an approachable and sophisticated style with an edge. With numerous ways to add it into any look, if you are to do one thing to update your spring wardrobe, leather is the way to go.
One of the easiest ways to wear leather is through an accessory. A great leather purse pulls any look together and is a great way to bring this trend to work. Your appearance is your first impression on others and at work it becomes part of the brand you represent. If you strive to look put together, a sleek leather briefcase or handbag will help to make you appear prepared and professional by keeping your things in place. Another way to accessorize with leather is bracelets. These days it seems the more the merrier when it comes to the number of bangles to wear. Leather braided or strap bracelets add to a bohemian or relaxed vibe, perfect for music festivals or a casual get together later this summer.
Leather pants, shirts, and skirts are the freshest take on this popular fabric. From a pinstripe down the side of dress pants to full on leather leggings, pants with leather accents are becoming acceptable to wear in more places and for more occasions. Leather miniskirts made an appearance in the 90s and for everyone’s sake, let them stay there. On the other hand pencil skirts with leather details, such as bottom hems or belts, are a cool and fun way to add leather to sophisticated pieces. Not into the edgy and classy cool look? Consider buying a shirt or dress with a leather collar in a color other than black. This is an easy way to wear leather without coming off as too harsh and maintain a more traditional look.
Last but not least, don’t forget about the power of a great leather jacket. To keep yourself from looking too much like a biker, make sure that it is somewhat fitted and not boxy. Even if it is a motorcycle style, it can still have shape, making you look more modern and feminine. A leather trench coat makes an entire outfit come off as more expensive and designer. Again, tying a belt around the waist helps you maintain shape, especially with the longer length. Leather jackets represent effortless cool and come in so many styles that they can be worn in almost any situation.
With so many ways to wear leather, it can work for any style, budget, and occasion.

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