College advice

My name is Stephanie Pugliese , graduated from North University In Barranquilla – Colombia with a degree in Journalism & Mass Media. Although I love my career my real passion is acting , that is why i spent the last year in Madrid studying theater at Instituto de Cine De Madrid . Nowadays I try to combine both careers.

Leave our comfort zone is one of the hardest things we have to do when we graduate from school. Although we have been preparing for that moment since we are teenagers, when the time finally comes we can´t help being scared, at that point our emotions are like a rollercoaster, we are excited , anxious, full of dreams but deep in our hearts we are afraid because we are going to a place that we barely know, full of unknown people and out of our control.
Some of you have been waiting for this moment your whole life, the time when you can leave everything behind and start all over. That is why going to the right college means everything to you, because you know that who you were at your school is no longer important.
It´s a new city, sometimes even a new country far away from your family and friends. I can´t lie, the idea of living with people of your age by your own is exciting, knowing that this is the beginning of the rest of your life, the one that you choose. I know that It sounds like a big deal, and of course that matters, but don´t forget is just another step in your life in order to get what you want. It´s your opportunity to prove what you are made of, remember that you already got to be accepted so you can be proud of yourself as much as your relatives are.
Since the first day of classes you start meeting people, and soon you will find the ones that you get along with and the ones that you not. Same will happen when it comes to teachers, there will be the ones whose subjects you will love, the ones that you will hate, and that one professor who everybody in the faculty is afraid of and it is ok , as much as you love the career you choose it doesn´t mean you have to like everything about it. What actually matters is that you know why you are there, define your priorities and live according to them.
However I am not saying that all you have to do is study, of course there will be nights that you will have to spend at the library with your study group or even by yourself, times when you will have assignments for all your subjects at the same time and you will be so stressed out that you will think you won´t get to do it all, but that is the student life, and remember that so many before you went through the same things and with the right effort you will make it too. Finally somehow between all your coursework you will find time to go to the fraternity parties if that the kind of things that you like, and this is an important point, make sure to be safe, don´t do things that you will regret in your near future, you still can have a great time without putting yourself in danger.

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