Less Leisure More Lesson

At 11 years old I lost my father. I was raised by a single mother and loving family. I attended and graduated from Lamar High School in May 2010. After, I went to Sam Houston State University and received my BBA in Accounting in 3.5 years. I am now the Accountant/Marketing Specialist for RMG, Inc., the biggest Smoothie King franchisee in the U.S. I will be starting the Master’s Program at Texas Southern University Spring 2015. I also tutor 1st graders through undergraduate students. Writing is a talent I always knew I had but never went after it. Chase your dreams and everything else will follow.

Many high school students have one thing on their mind when thinking about college. It’s time to party! You don’t have to worry about curfews and parents anymore. You are on your own now in every aspect you may think of. You are in charge of waking yourself up for class. As a college student, you get to make the decision on if you will go to school today. I have been there. I have been the freshman that went to college an hour away from my mother.

“Don’t get down here and lose focus on your goals”, my mother told me when she dropped me off for my first day of freedom.

When I made a few friends, we partied every night. Most nights we wouldn’t even go to sleep. I am here to tell you there is nothing wrong with hanging out with friends. There is something wrong with failing your first semester. Less leisure more lesson is my motto for beginning college students. Always let the lessons you’re learning weigh more than your leisure activities. There are two types of college students. Those that go to school to graduate and those that go to school to party. You may decide to be the first type of college student, until you actually get there. Before I left for school I made a promise to myself that I will not fall victim to peer pressure. Drugs, alcohol, partying were things that I didn’t do as a young teenager so I believed I wouldn’t do them in college. The promise I made to myself was broken within the first week. It only takes one friend you trust to turn you away from your academic goals.

They may say things like, “Don’t be such a nerd. You can do your homework later, let’s go out.”

The friends I surrounded myself with weren’t as academically advanced as I was. In high school I made only A’s and B’s and I graduated in the top 20% of my class. College work was simple to me. My friends were the “second type” of college students. The ones that attend college to party and be free. I played that role in the beginning when I began to party all day and night. However, I never let my grades get below a B.

You may ask yourself, “Is it possible to be both?” The answer is yes it is possible.

After a semester of partying, drinking, and hanging out all night I grew tired. I wasn’t used to doing those types of things. It was fun at first but school was more important to me. I ended up graduating a semester early with a BBA in Accounting. Unfortunately, my friend ended up getting expelled after the first year. She allowed her leisure to outweigh her lessons and ended up learning a hard one. It is okay to have fun and enjoy life when you are young. College is the best experience you will have and everybody should have that freedom. You decide which student you want to be and stick with that decision. Don’t let your leisure become more important than your lessons.

Copyright © 2014 by Maranda Moné Evans

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