Let’s Get Involved

My name is Ashley Nordone and I’m a sophomore at Sacred Heart University, in Fairfield, Connecticut. In school I am studying Communications with a concentration in Public Relations, but my ultimate goal is to become an elementary school teacher. I’m originally a New York City native. In my spare time I love writing, and reading books. I am involved in Student Government, Greek Life, Habitat for Humanity, and I am really involved in the volunteer programs office here on campus. My favorite college memory this far is going on a mission trip to Mississippi to help build after Hurricane Katrina hit. I met so many amazing people both affiliated and not affiliated with SHU.

College is no doubt the best four years of our lives, so why just sit in your dorm room or go right back home after class? There is so much exploring to do on campus. While class is the main reason that we even go to college, it would be so mundane to only go to class in those four years. Involvement is key to creating a balance between school and fun, and is actually a great help in time management. It is possible to learn new things just by being apart of a club or activity that you may or may not have done yet. They fall into six different categories.
1. Greek Life
2. Student Government
3. Volunteer Based Clubs
4. Academic Clubs
5. Sports
6. Miscellaneous Clubs
Greek life is a great way to get involved on campus. Each organization has certain criteria to meet in terms of GPA, and all organizations have a philanthropy. During the year each hold events to raise money for their philanthropy. Philanthropies are all different and range from large non-profit organizations such as Make-A-Wish Foundation to smaller things that can be done within the community. This is a great way to not only work toward a cause, but also make some new friends who become sisters or brothers. The best way to think about Greek Life is that a membership there is not only for the four years that you are in school, but it is a lifelong membership that extends until death. This sisterhood and brotherhood is great if it is something you really want, and will definitely make college a great experience.
Student Government is another great way to get involved on campus because you learn what the issues that other students face and act as a liaison between them and the campus officials. Being apart of Student Government is also a great way to test those communication skills and get more involved in the school community. Student Government is responsible for a majority of the events on campus, so not only to you plan and attend events, you also get to socialize and meet more people.
If Greek Life or Student Government doesn’t suit you, Volunteer based clubs are always fun! They are a great way to help give back to the community around you. It helps you interact with new friends that want to make a difference. There is so much to do in terms of volunteering it just needs to be found within your location. Many schools have an office for volunteering. This is a great resource because they may have mission trips that students can go on, and weekly volunteer opportunities. Not only are these trips fun to go on, but also you get to learn about a different way of living, about different people, and even learn new things about yourself.
Academic clubs will definitely head start you to the career that you want to go into. They will also aid you in being able to find the right major for you. Academic clubs are open to everyone, and if you are stuck between two majors or have no idea at all, thye can really be a tool when deciding. They offer the experiences and topics related to the major they go along with. Many find fun things to do to incorporate the field of study into the activities and hold events to do this.
Sports are a great way to let out that pent up energy, and de-stress. Not everyone is athletic, but everyone can try to be. Join an intramural team or a club team if you are passionate about a sport, but don’t want to play in a division league. This is also a great way to encompass some healthy competition, get some exercise, and have fun while doing it.
Miscellaneous clubs are on here because there are clubs that don’t really fit a category because they range from a variety of different topics from interests to hobbies. There are book clubs, anime clubs, magic clubs, fan clubs, and the list goes on. Most likely if you don’t like something that your school has to offer, you have the opportunity to start a new club. This is another great way to not only get involved, but also connect with others, who maybe wanted to start that same club, but just didn’t know how to.
Getting involved in college is very important because it helps you develop as a person and shape who you are and who you want to become as a person. Pick a club to join or a sport to play because in the long run it will benefit you and make college a more memorable experience.

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