Will i make friends in college

Jocelin Williams, a junior at Philadelphia University majoring in
Fashion Design. I’m nice, caring, talented, and ambitious.The Vice
President and Talent Director of PhilaU Models, modeling organization
at my school, and a member of the National Honors Society. I have
quite an impressive resume with experience in fashion and accessory
design, fashion show production and fashion illustration. I have also
won multiple awards for my apparel and accessory design illustrations.

“Oh Hey! What’s your name?”
“John. What about you?”
“Jill. Nice to meet you, John.”
“You too, Jill.”
People always think that it is hard to make friends in college, but little did they know, it is as easy as saying “Hello” to a random person on campus. Anyone can make friends in college. All those titles you had in high school go away and you get to start over and make a new name for yourself. The only title that will stick with you through the 4 years is the title of your major. In college the “Nerds” are friends with the “Jocks”, the “Artsy” people are friends with the “Goths”, and so on. All you have to do is be open to meeting new people and friends will find you. College is all about finding out who you are, how you want to live your life, and what type of people you want to surrounded yourself with. It is always wise to have a close group of friends that you always hang out wise, but it is also wise to be known by many of your college mates, upper and lower classmen. It may seem weird to say hi and talk to random people you don’t know but later on in life, or even that semester, you might need something and that random person might just be able to help you.
For instance, sophomore year I was coming from a party somewhere close to campus at like 2:30am and I didn’t have a ride home. So when I got to campus I realized that I missed the last campus shuttle bus that would take me to my apartment. I was stranded 1.2 miles away from home at what now is 3 o’clock in the morning. I tried calling people that I knew had cars, and no one answered and at the time I didn’t realize I could call the campus security and they would take me home. So I just sat there thinking of how I was getting home because walking wasn’t an options and the city bus stopped running at 2am. What was I going to do? As soon as I sucked up my pride and got some courage to walk home, alone and in the dark, with a phone now on 5%, a silver car pulled up to the shuttle stop and rolled down the window. Usually, I would be scared to death and not answer anything the driver would ask, but time it was different. The driver was some guy that I said “Hello” to a couple times around campus. He remembered me and asked if I needed a ride back to my apartment. The joy on my face could not be hidden. Of course I said yes, hopped in the car, and we drove to my apartment. I was so surprised and grateful that I tried to give him gas money for his troubles and he refused it.
Still to this day, I don’t remember his name, but I do remember the early morning he helped me out when I needed it, and it wouldn’t have worked out if I hadn’t of said “Hello” to some random guy on campus.

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