My name is Samantha Lipscomb. I was born on January 9, 1992. An ironic year because my birthday looks exactly like the year of 1992. I am an Entrepreneurship major at Jackson State University. I am a part of the investment club, I help promote parties, I am songwriter, and I am a fabulous hair stylist. My goal in life is to have my own upscale hair/spa salon and produce upscale hair shows. My journey from Detroit to Jackson has been one to tell. I am now a senior, primetime has finally come and I am truly ready to start a new chapter in my life.
I’ve been through the valleys and have climbed the highest mountains to get where I am today. My college experience was one I will never forget which is a typical college student statement that I have heard for ages. The difference in our journeys is that everyone does not have the same experiences; everyone does not find another outlook on life. College is “suppose” to be where you realize what you want to do, who you want to be, BLAH BLAH BLAH!!! My perspective on this journey called college is a little different. To be brutally honest, college is just another chapter in your life you either choose to write or not. It is great to get an education. To be able to comprehend history, gain knowledge, and to understand the culture of many ethnicities is always a positive leverage in anyone’s life. This does not mean you HAVE to go to the top colleges or universities. There is no guide on how to map out you educational career. No one is at the end of the road giving you another guide on what to do next. It is all up to you, it always been, you just never really looked at it like that. College is a place to grow, meet unordinary people, live, and most importantly LEARN!! It may not be in the classroom, the counselors’ office, or that conference with your club you were so excited to attend. It may be the people, the worldly experiences, the troubles you face, the highs and lows – WHO REALLY KNOWS – ITS ALL UP TO YOU, remember that. This is your story and you have the pen to create your life. You have goals and dreams that you are willing to fight for to become happy. I understand some obstacles are not up to you but your decisions on how to tackle the situation is. Do not let the trials and tribulations overwhelm you, do not let opinions deteriorate your dreams and take contrastive criticism as a head up in the game. As the statement reveals, “look at the glass half full, not half empty. As long as you’re satisfied with the person you have become and trying to be, I think you’re on a pretty good start to success. So take it from me, an average college student trying to figure out what’s next, let life change you, so you can have another chapter to begin.

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