College life

Hannah graduated with a Business Marketing degree from the University of Missouri in May 2014. Throughout college, she participated in a sales internship for two years, a business fraternity, a radio media internship, and studied abroad in Australia for a semester. After graduation, she decided to go back to Australia on a Working Holiday Visa for a year and is currently residing in Melbourne.

How do I decide what college to go to? How do I decide what major to choose? Do I live with my best friend or get a random roommate? Do I join a sorority? Should I get a job? How much should I volunteer each week (I have to add something to the resume!)? My GPA sucks! Should I get a tutor?

All of these questions, and so many more, popped into my head while crossing the bridge from high school to college. It was very stressful for me yet rather exciting that I was starting a new chapter in my life. I couldn’t believe it! But what if I make the wrong decisions? What if I choose the wrong path? Going into my freshman year at the University of Missouri, I was scared that the decisions I made would affect the rest of my life. What I didn’t realize until a year or so later, was that yes my decisions affect my life, but life is a marathon.

At the time, going to college was the biggest, most important thing in my life. It tends to be that way for most of us. College is talked about as we grow up, the excitement of going off to college is something we look forward to as a teenager. In senior year of high school, it is all we talk about. College this, college that; It is built up until eventually, we are actually living it. When I was at the University of Missouri, my life was college. Little did I know, college is just one leg of life’s race.

Life. It isn’t a sprint or a one-stop shop. College is 1 measly, tiny mile in the whole 26.2 miles. It is okay to not know what you want to major in until the end of your sophomore year. That’s what I did! You will survive college even though you got denied from every single sorority. Been there. Want to study abroad but scared-what about the money? What about being that far from home? It’s okay to not know if travelling to the other side of the world is something you are fully ready and even comfortable with doing. I went with it and ended up having the best four months of my life. But wow did I think that my life was over after failing the final in Macroeconomics. How could I have actually failed a final I pulled an all-nighter to study for?! Surprisingly, my roommate that I met for the first time 3 months prior, was the one who gave me some words of wisdom. She told me that although I failed one final, it is just one final. I can still pass the class. And I can still pass all my other finals. She helped me look at the big picture. That is exactly what I needed at the time, and sometime during your college chapter, you will need it to. Even if you fail at one part of the race, you will succeed in another. It is okay to have a couple setbacks. Failing a final, not getting into a sorority, these two instances seemed so significant to me when they happened, but looking back, they were just minor bumps in the road. You may never be the first person to the finish line, but as long as you go the distance, your race, your life, will be a successful and astounding one.

Life is full of surprises and decisions that help shape it. I ended up passing macroeconomics with a beautiful C- and went on to passing microeconomics as well (go me!). I am also, so incredibly glad I got denied from every single sorority going into my freshman year, because that shaped the person I am today. I made best friends without needing to be involved in a group or organization. I found my way, and although the trail was rough sometimes, I had an absolutely amazing four years at Mizzou. College will test and try your body and soul. You will question if you can get through it or even reach your goals. Be blessed that you have the opportunity to reach for those goals, to pursue your dreams. As long as you prepare, train, and condition, you will succeed in the race of life.

College life

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