Life with a Roommate: Sharing is Caring!

If you were anything like the majority of high schoolers, you had your own room and you liked it that way. You may also have had your own car and the ability to get out whenever (within reason) you wanted. The majority of college students, on the other hand, aren’t so lucky. Chances are, for at least the first year or two you’re on campus, you’ll be sharing a pretty small space with one or two other people. At times you’ll laugh, at times you’ll cry, but there are some hidden benefits to spending a fair amount of your waking hours in a tiny room with another person. Have you ever thought about all the things you can share? Not just clothes, and not just homework notes, and not just boyfriends (kidding). What about these other ideas?
- Warehouse club memberships: whatever’s in your area. Split the membership fee and go shopping together (these places typically allow one extra receipt per trip). Divvy up what you’ll need to buy so you’ll each only spend half the money! Plus it makes it worth it to buy in bulk when you have two people slowly depleting the stockpiles you’ll amass.

- Appliances: seriously, don’t bring two of everything! It takes up way too much space and costs people more money than they need to spend. Coordinate with roommates before the year starts and figure out what each person can commit to bringing. As long as people can be respectful and clean, it will be a worthwhile way to save money. And…so much more room for activities!

If you put your mind to it you’ll most likely think of a million other things you can share too. You might even split the cost of textbooks in classes that you share and work out a schedule for when you plan to do the reading. And if either one of you (or both) are lucky enough to have a car on campus, carpool places together when you can and save on gas. Some colleges even have parking pass discounts or rideshare programs for people willing to carpool. The possibilities are endless!

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