Live today for tomorrow

My name is Natalia Arteaga. I was born and raised in La Paz, Bolivia. I have an Associate Degree in Journalism and I am majoring in Public Relations. People who know me would describe me as friendly, open minded, dedicated, hardworking, and patient. I am a very hands-on person, organized, enterprising and creative. I wrote, directed, and produced three short films and I assisted in the creation of others. I am particularly good at organizing events from scratch and working in team as I have been able to organize the production of films. I volunteered alongside disabled orphans (IDAI institution). I also supported elderly people in a retirement home (Asilo San Ramon). I have also worked rehabilitating abused animals (Animales S.O.S). I’m dedicated to my community, I believe in treating others with value, integrity, and respect.

What will happen when I’m done with college? Did I really choose the right major? Will I find the right job? How will I do during finals? The truth is there are infinite options and outcomes, and we can never know exactly which one is the right one. No one really can. However, I would say that is normal to feel anxious when you’re facing a new situation or challenge, like going to college, choosing a major, taking your finals or looking for a job. I would compare anxiety to how you feel when you’re about to take a really important final or the SAT. It’s like the feeling you get when you’re about to enter a huge roller coaster for the first time. Only anxiety never really leaves, or reappears sporadically. Even if you just feel a little odd, it’s important for you to try to find out what might be going on rather than ignore it. There are several ways to deal with anxiety, I have personally experienced it, and I want to tell you what relieves me whenever I feel anxious because it might help you too. Here are some things that could help:
1. Jot down how you’re feeling, starting for the way you feel physically. You might say: I’m refreshed, I’m sleepy, or I’m hungry. Write whatever comes to your mind relating to your physical state.
2. Write down how you are feeling mentally: I feel happy, I feel sad, etc.
3. Ask yourself, why am I feeling happy, angry, or sad?
4. Try to answer: What can I do to feel better both physically and mentally?
After doing that, try to relax by meditating. Lie on your bed, or the floor, wherever you feel really comfortable and safe. Inhale deeply and exhale. Try to empty your mind from every feeling you have and try to blank your mind form every thought. If you can’t blank your mind, think positive thoughts, happy memories that make you feel relaxed. I think it’s better to meditate listening to relaxing music. Try to listen to sounds from the nature or classical music. Instrumental music solely might be a better option, because lyrics may distract you. Stay there for a couple minutes, you don’t need to check the time, just lay there and think positive. Imagine positive energy flowing in your body and mind every time you breathe, and all the negative thoughts leaving your mind and body when you exhale.
Another great way to avoid some anxiety issues would be to exercise regularly. That is one of all the several benefits you’ll get from exercising, including getting and feeling even more fabulous than you already are. You don’t even need to go to the gym to exercise. Have a nice walk listening to your favorite music, jog around the neighborhood, or get a bike and go for a ride. YouTube search “indoor exercises” and doing those exercises will also be a good for you. Remember that mental and physical wellness is interconnected. All the studying is very important, but so it your body. You should live in constant balance between your mind and body.
Talk to someone. It is likely that communicating will help you deal with different problems. It doesn’t matter who you talk to, as long as they are willing to listen. You could call your friends, and meet them for some coffee. You could call your parents, your siblings, or uncles and aunts. You could even call your granny and while you’re at it, ask her what she’ll bake for you when you’re back home. Several colleges have counseling centers, you could also head over there and speak to someone about what you’re going through. There is nothing wrong with wanting to speak to someone about how you feel, and remember that everyone copes with various events in life differently. You’ll find out that you are not the only one who has ever felt the way you’re feeling. Most people have dealt with what you are feeling at least once in their lives. Sharing will most likely relief you and you may even grow closer to the person you have been talking to.
The most important thing to remember is that a part of being human is having worries, goals, and dreams. But life isn’t entirely about the future and what will happen then. Yes, tomorrow is important, and your life choices have important repercussions in the future. But you are also alive now, and you most likely will be tomorrow and the day after. Set yourself close goals, and do everything you can to achieve them. Remember that there are always two sides of the coin, and even if things don’t go the way you plan them, you can always stand up and keep on going. Our road isn’t marked by all our falls, but for all the times we get up, shake off the dust and keep on going. Live today for what it is, always taking tomorrow in mind.

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