Long distance: Don’t let it rule your life

You have two weeks until you see him again, and he’s not picking up your calls. Maybe he’s out partying with a bunch of other girls. Maybe he saw your number flash up and would rather eat a kebab and stare at a lava lamp than hear about your day. Or most likely of all, you are totally overthinking it.

According to Statisticbrain.com, 32.5 percent of college relationships are long distance. High school seniors cast off the yokes of small town oppression and scatter across the country, leaving romance to figure itself out along the way.

This means that nearly a third of college students navigate the social snags of self discovery while weathering the rollercoaster of long distance love.

College is the most liberating time in a person’s life. Not just because it’s raw unadulterated freedom, but because it’s first-freedom. And not just yours, but everybody’s. It’s arguably the only time in your life where you will go through soul defining, polarizing changes like this at the exact moment as 15,000 peers.

The fact of the matter is, 40% of all long distance relationships fail. It’s a sad truth. That doesn’t mean that you should abandon all hope, but for crysake don’t let it rule your entire universe. Be realistic.

It can drive you quite literally insane when they do, don’t, or sometimes call. What did this text mean? Who is that girl? The best thing you can do for yourself and your relationship is to RELAX. Make your best friend hide your phone for 24 hours, get out the door, and have a good time.

Don’t waste some of the most incredible moments of your life waiting on someone else. It IS possible to maintain a long distance relationship without letting it eat you alive.

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