Long distance relationship tips

If you are in a long-distance relationship, then it is probably safe to say that it is, indeed, true; absence really does make the heart grow fonder. Maybe you’ve been dating your high school sweetheart for several years now and you just moved across the country to continue your education, or perhaps you just got into a serious relationship before graduating high school and your partner is the one who moved across the country. No matter your story, if you are in a long-distance relationship, you know that it takes extra effort to make the relationship work. Here are a few tips to keep your long-distance relationship thriving and healthy.

1. Be Clear About Where the Relationship is Going
Guys, this one is for you. As the man in the relationship, you are the leader. Your job is to lead and guide your partner in the relationship and it is your job to clarify your intentions and where you see this relationship going. This does not mean you have to propose marriage right away, but it does mean, if you see yourself marrying a girl like her, let her know that. Discuss what would happen if the relationship became more serious? Would one of you be willing to relocate to be closer to one another? What do you expect to get out of the relationship? These are important things to discuss to make sure both of you are on the same page!

2. Do Not Rule Out Date Nights
Just because you can’t physically be near each other, does not mean you can’t have a date night. Talking on the phone can be great, but it can also get old after a while. If you have Skype or Facetime, start a TV series together or have a movie night. Go to a local coffee shop and have a date over coffee. It may sound a bit silly, but it’s important to do things together, just as you would if that person were living next to you.

3. Visit, Visit, Visit!
If your partner is someone you are serious about, and we are guessing they are since long-distance relationships are not easy, visiting them is important. Phone calls and Skype can only do the trick for so long; after a while, it is nice to see each other in person. Even if they are a 20 hour drive away, what better way to show them you love them and are serious about this relationship than taking the time and effort to travel long-distance just to give them a hug and spend some quality time with them

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