Long Distance Relationships

Maybe you and your high school boyfriend have promised to keep your relationship despite going to separate colleges. Maybe your college boyfriend transferred to another university (or you did). Or maybe your boyfriend graduated before you did and had to take his dream job that was in another state. Whatever the case may be, you are finding yourself in a long distance relationship. Here are a few things to know.

Stay in Touch for Free

You’re a college student and that probably means that you don’t have a lot of extra cash to burn. Be smart about keeping in touch. Both you and your boyfriend should download skype for free video conference calls.

Long Distance Boyfriends are Expensive

Even though you can stay in touch for free, talking on video or text messaging just isn’t going to cut it. You’ll want to actually see each other. That means long drives or flights. Ouch. Both can rip a hole in your wallet at a time where you might not have that much money. If you’re driving figure out where to gas up for cheaper. Do actually compare gallons by the penny. It sounds like penny pinching, but it will add up over time. If you are flying, check out all flight companies and see if there are any special deals. Don’t just look at the cheap carriers, look at all of them. Sometimes the normal flight companies run really competitive deals during low season. Also, don’t hesitate to call the customer support of each flight company and ask if they can give a special rate for frequent, loyal customers outside of what is advertised. Put a plan together, get loyal, and save as much as you can.

Split the Cost

Make sure it isn’t always you going to him. That isn’t fair no matter if he claims to be extremely swamped and can’t manage to get away. Guess what, you’re busy too with a lot of pressures and deadlines that you have to meet to achieve your goal of graduating. If you go to him one weekend, he should come to you the next visit. Of course there needs to be some flexibility, but overall, the cost of seeing each other should be split evenly. If he refuses and puts all the responsibility on your shoulders, you might want to start questioning if the relationship
is worth all that effort.

All the Work, None of the Fun

The hard thing about being long distant is that it is all the work, commitment, and responsibility of a normal relationship, and almost none of the fun. Had a hard day and just wish your boyfriend were around to give you a hug but can’t? Always the lone girl when you go out with your group of couple friends? Going to a party alone but can’t flirt? That sucks, but that’s the reality of a long distance relationship. However, if you and your boyfriend can make it through this hard time, you just might have a real solid relationship that is worth it.

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