Long Distance Summer Lovin’

You’ve had a great year at school. You aced your classes, you had a ton of fun, you took an amazing spring break trip and best of all, you met your boyfriend. It’s been a dreamy few months, but summer is fast approaching. You are both headed back to your hometowns which happen to be several hundred miles apart. Plus, you’re both busy with your summer jobs. What do you do to stay in touch?
• Establish a text/skype schedule and stick to it
Nothing sucks more than your guy being unavailable. But we all have responsibilities and things we have to do. To avoid misunderstandings and hurt feelings, try setting expectations up front. Are you the kind of person that needs to skype every night? Only once a week, but texting every day is preferred? Let him know and see what kind of communication he expects over the summer.
• But don’t stick too hard to it
Hey, life happens. Don’t get too hung up if your BF had to work the late shift or his best friend suddenly showed up in town and he was out for the night. You picked him for a reason, right? Try and be flexible with the schedule you two have arranged. It’s summer – time to relax and take it easy. This is great to keep in mind when YOU delay your skype sesh a few hours later than planned.
• Plan at least one visit
You miss each other. It’s going to happen. Plan at least one visit you both can look forward to. July 4th would be the ultimate holiday to share with your guy. Fireworks, barbequed hamburgers and a blanket for two – sounds pretty great. An added bonus? Collaborating in the trip planning can bring you closer. It could also be the perfect time to meet his family or have him meet yours for the first time.
Soon enough it will be August and you’ll be headed back to school. With some planning and flexibility, your long distance relationship doesn’t have to suffer.

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