Look Hot in This Summer’s Fashion Trends

By Amanda Reese

This has been, what seems like, one of the most record-breaking hottest summers we have ever had. While being fashionable is a must, we also want to make sure we remain cool in this summer heat. Here are a few trends that will surely satisfy your style and comfort.

1. Leather. Would you wear it in the summer, though? Contrary to its winter profile, leather is a great way to dress up any outfit and make it look expensive. Caution: Don’t wear this material head to toe. Pick up a cute leather skirt and pair it with a collared blouse or even a short sleeve faux leather shirt and wear with your favorite jean shorts.
2. Bermuda Shorts. These comfort-favorites lit up the fashion runways his year in New York. Bermuda shorts can be dressed up or down for any occasion. Are you not the one for short shorts? Well, this pick is for you. These shorts are trendy, family-friendly and come in a variety of styles and colors.
3. Black and White. Strange isn’t it since you usual pull out your bright colors for summer. Floral and neon usually pop up to the front of your closet. This year black and white has taken over full force. It is trendy and affordable. This new sleek look is appropriate for the office and looks great after work meeting the girls.
4. Cut Out Pieces. Hot date coming up? Have no worries! This summer cutout and sheer pieces are everywhere! This sexy trend is such a great option because there are many levels and varieties to choose from. From cutoffs to slits and snips there are many ranges of modesty and opaqueness to choose from.
5. Sunglasses. Add flare to your basic look. Brightly colored, unique shaped sunglasses can spice up any plain Jane look you choose to wear. Sunglasses come in every shape, color, and size. Pick the right pair and be the center of attention.
6. Beading. Try something new with this trend! With influence from the Middle East, India, and Russia, your outfit could definitely be a conversation piece. You need to be in your usual sparkly, itchy number, beading is everywhere this year.
7. The Short Suit Set. While you may not always be able to wear it to work, it will definitely work in your favor this summer. Dress up for a night out and still be comfortable and cool. Show off your great legs and pair this number with a cute strappy sandal. There is no limit in what you can do!
8. Sport Dress. These A-line dresses are perfect for hitting the mall or the deck. Dress them up with wedges or down with sneakers, anything goes.

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