Looking Fab in -20°F Weather

Stacy Lambert graduated from Southeast Missouri State University in 2010 with a degree in Biomedical Science. Upon graduation, she married her college sweetheart and moved to Chicago where she currently works in product development for a home décor company. She spends her free time freelance writing, creating visual arts, traveling, and keeping up with the fast paced fashion trends. Stacy’s main passion is to help other young adults identify and achieve their goals.

Today has been the coldest day of the season in Chicago. The temperature is currently -20°F with wind chill. The air is frigid, the roads and sidewalks are iced over, and the wind is relentless. When weather is this extreme, it’s easy and tempting to sacrifice style and grace over warmth and comfort. To be completely truthful, I’ve been known to give into the temptation a few times. Not anymore! Lately, I have been very good about incorporating style along with comfort. This is partly due to fact that I recently threw out all the frumpy clothes in my cluttered closet.
There was a time when I didn’t know that one could look chic in cold weather. Throughout middle school, I lived in rural Alaska. As long as the temperature was above -10°F, the teachers forced us to go outside once a day for recess. We were required to wear standard black and brown snow boots, a thick wool hat and scarf, a puffy black snowsuit, and bulging water repellent hat and gloves. Although warm and effective, nothing about my outerwear was stylish. Since I was accustomed to this outfit regiment, I didn’t know it was possible to look great and stay warm. I associated cold weather with bad outfits. Now that I am grown, knowledgeable, and have the luxuries of making my own decisions, I take advantage of all the fashionable, yet practical, outerwear options available.
The key to choosing fashionable winter clothes is making sure the clothes are well fitted and insulated. If the jacket is too tight, you may experience poor blood circulation throughout your body. You’ll also run the risk of looking a bit bloated. If your coat is too loose, cold air can seep through the extra space. Loose fitting clothes give your body the appearance of minimal tone and definition.
Today, I’m wearing long johns under black slacks and a fitted blue sweater. The outfit is both business-casual and weather-appropriate. I feel comfortable and confident in my clothes because it’s neither constricting nor baggy. The layers of clothes keep me warm throughout the day. A simple blue top and black slack bottoms is a great outfit and appropriate for many different occasions because it is simple yet fashionable.
My favorite coat is a black knee-length feather parka by bebe. I love my black and pink totes Isotoner smarTouch gloves. They fit snuggly and the material allows me to operate my touch screen iPhone while staying warm. In the winter, my favorite footwear is my black leather shin-high wedged boots. They have good traction on the soles so I don’t slip on the icy sidewalks. Before walking around in snow, I neatly tuck my pant legs into the boots to keep them dry. As soon as I arrive to work, I take the pants out from the boots for a professional, clean look.
Don’t be afraid to venture outside of your comfort zone. Though it may take a little effort, looking great and feeling comfortable in cold climates is achievable. If you find clothes that fit well and you wear layers, you will never have to sacrifice warmth over fashion.

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