Best college for me

My name is Larry Stansbury and I am a freshmen student at New England College. I am a journalism major. I am very dedicated to journalism not that it’s a fun major but it got me out of my shy zone.

As for those who are seniors in high school, I know the stress you’re having about looking for the right college. What colleges have the best academics, graduation rate, financial aid and student/faculty ratio. This gets you worried about if you’re going to the right college that fit your needs. You should apply and visit a college that you feel comfortable around the community. For an example, a small school with less than 10,000 students because you all can relate to the same differences. It’s the best decision you will ever make.

Going to a school with over 20,000 or more people can make you feel cluster phobic.  Especially public schools that has the capacity of 100 or more students in one class. It will make you feel lost and out of place because the professor does not know you very well except your name. They will only know you if they take attendance or call you when they have a problem for you to solve.

If the school that you’re interested in offers great financial aid and can help you with how to pay for college, you should take it. A majority of schools are raising their tuition because of supply and demand. There a lots of students that have to take out loans in order to pay for college. It’s the only way that we can pay for it other than working overtime.

It’s not necessary to go to a school that is known for the best major. I know a majority of people that went to the best schools and some have really goods jobs that pays them well and there some that cannot find jobs. It doesn’t matter what college you go to, its what you do at the school. You can make remarks in your school that everyone can remember.

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