Looking Sun-Kissed Without the Sun

If you’re like me, you’ll sit in the sun for five seconds before becoming a lobster. No matter how much sunscreen I use and no matter how strong it is, I always return from the beach blotchy and red. Coming from a Mediterranean family, I’m totally the odd-one out when on vacations. I’m the lobster among beautiful, olive skin. Who hears me? So, want to look sun-kissed without the hassle of blistering skin? Try these weird, unique methods to look bronze and beautiful without staying in the sun.

Spray Tans
Step in the salon and get tan in less than five minutes. I caution you, when choosing the spray-tan method, to do your research. Ask what shade is best for your skin so you don’t come out looking orange. However, this method is great when you want a week of tan skin.

This may be the most obvious method. Grab a bronzer and apply a thin layer to your skin. Leave it on to dry, and you’ll have beautiful darker shade in no time. Plus, this brand is oil-free and good for your skin.

Eating Carrots or Drinking Carrot Juice
Weird, huh? When I was little, people were shocked at how orange and tan my skin looked. My mother still swears that her tans are always enhanced by drinking cartons and cartons of carrot juice.

I have a friend who is Irish and does the coffee method at least twice every season to make her skin look tan without dealing with the sun. All you do is make a cup of coffee, keep it black, and apply evenly throughout the skin. Leave it on for about twenty minutes and then rinse it off. When trying the coffee method, be sure to moisturize at least twice a day so your skin stays nice and hydrated while flaunting a back-from-the-beach glow.

No matter what method you choose, be sure to moisturize and hydrate constantly. Your skin is an extremely delicate part of your body, and now that you’re young, it’s important to take very good care of it. Drink lots of water when trying to look tan, in the sun or not, and apply lotion at least once a day. Your skin will thank you, and you’ll stay looking fresh and beautiful.

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