Love for Fashion

I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and an Associate’s Degree in Fashion Merchandising. But I believe that fashion is so much more than what we are taught or what we see in advertisements. My passion comes from wanting to help others realize that fashion is about empowerment. It is about finding ways to express yourself and connect with the world and people around you. It is not just about fabrics and runways, fashion is about doing what makes you feel comfortable and confident so you can go through your day being the best version of yourself that you can be.

You can still impress living a crazy college lifestyle

As college students we are all trying to impress, have fun, study hard, and get good grades. However, when we roll out of bed in the early morning to attend school, then work it can be nearly impossible to figure out what to wear for the day. If we can’t start our day off right all of the above becomes more difficult to accomplish. Let’s try something new that will encourage you to be a success and impress on a daily basis!
First things first is figuring out your outfit the day before which not only lets you sleep in longer, but it will enable you to be more organized throughout your day. You will be surprised how starting your day off more organized cannot only make you feel better and look better, but be more productive and successful through-out your day.
Yes, this can be difficult for us college students because we have so much going on when we get home and when we see our bed we are out for the night. What we need is a personal assist however a majority of us can’t afford one so, be resourceful and use your phone to set a reminders for yourself. Every night at 8 my reminder pops up: What are you doing tomorrow? What should you wear?
This gets me thinking about my next day and what I should wear. Sometimes I put out an outfit or two. Maybe three and then see which one I feel most comfortable and confident in that morning. I can wake up one morning wanting to wear heels and the next morning sweats. Feeling comfortable and confident in your outfit can get you through your day without having to constantly adjust or question your outfit, which will allow you to focus on what matters most.
Being organized alleviates the stress and other factors that contribute to your lack of confidence and chaos. We all know chaos can lead to missed assignments, bad grades, and calling in to work because we are so behind. Let’s shred the chaos and boost our confidence by starting our day off more organized and prepared! We will then look our best because we feel our BEST!
Fashion is the love that lies within that blossoms when your personality and confidence surface. That’s the beauty that fashion truly represents. It’s a mixture of personality, emotion, and choice. The world sees this and curiosity evolves. We wake up and put on what clothes that represent the way we feel at that very moment. Look at the student next to you and try to understand how they felt when they woke up. Find inspiration in the beauty that fills you and surrounds you.
Tip: Never forget that your fashion is what you represent with your personality and the way you feel about yourself. This is what the world sees.

-Chelsea Vanatta

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