Love Your Skin

Some people do not start using anti-aging products until they hit their thirties, but I have been told numerous times that the younger you are when you start caring for your skin, the better! For this reason, I am always cautious about my face and body skin, and you should be too.

Wrinkles are not the worst thing in the world, but the more you can do to prevent them, the better, right? At night, I like to use a cream, and in the morning, I always apply a daily moisturizer that contains at least a 15 SPF protection. Your face is constantly being exposed to the sun and other harsh debris in the air, so it is important to cleanse and moisturize regularly. If you have acne or other blemishes that appear from time to time, then exfoliating would also be a good idea. I have experimented with a few to determine which brands are best for me, and that is probably the wise thing for you as well. Trying different products is the only way to select the best products for your skin. Reading reviews by other people will only get you so far since everyone has varying skin types. Just beware for cleansers that turn your face red with irritation. That’s never a good sign!

Depending on the climate in your area, you may also want to consider buying a moisturizing lotion for your body. I used to live in a state that experienced winter weather almost 9 months out of the year, but now I have moved back to Florida where it is almost always sunny, and the more I moisturize, the oilier my skin gets—ick! Thus, it’s important to adapt to your surroundings accordingly. When my skin is peeling, I also spring for body wash that has extra moisturizing elements in it to boost the lustrous compounds of my skin, and I always carry hand cream in my purse, because I like to wash my hands many times a day to ward off germs from public places and door knobs. That causes my hands to dry out more quickly than other parts of my body, so I like to keep it around.

Something else to remember is that regardless of what part of your body you are paying more attention to, you should read the labels for warnings and special instructions. Certain moisturizers are not meant for particular body parts so they may harm your face if you use it on your face, for instance. Typically, you should use the product only what it is meant for unless you have prior experience using that product for something else and your body has responded well. And when in doubt, just do some research. There’s no need to waste money if you know you’re allergic to a certain ingredient or you don’t want a cleanser with a particular chemical!

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