Made a Mistake? Fix It

What do you mean that at the age of 14 no one told you that you need to have a high school plan to get into college? You didn’t have a board of experts guiding your every step to ensure you did every single thing right to get into college? Guess what, a lot of other kids didn’t either and they still got into their college of choice. However, once the realization has struck that you haven’t navigated your high school career quite as you should have to be a competitive applicant for college, you do have to take steps to fix it.
Below Average Grades
Some subjects might be harder for you than others and maybe you got a less than stellar grade. You’re smart enough to calculate your overall GPA and you’re seeing that the one lousy grade you got is really making your GPA dip. Well, ask your high school councilor if you can retake the class during summer. Ask if retaking the class wipes out the lousy grade, or only averages the new grade with the old.
If you notice you are struggling in a class before it’s over, than talk to your teacher immediately. Ask about extra credit opportunities that can help pull your grade up. Teachers value effort and are willing to help you out if you show the willingness to work hard.
Explain Your Mistake
If it’s too late to correct a low grade, then during the college admission process, take the time to explain the mistake. A teacher recommendation can be a very helpful balance to that low grade. Also a college essay is a good time to explain the low grade. However, be careful how you explain it. Don’t whine and blame other people or circumstances.
Don’t concentrate on the mistake in the essay. Point it out then use it as a jumping off point to prove that the lousy grade was a one off mistake. Use the essay to prove that you are not weak in this subject matter by writing strongly about it.
Balance it With Great SAT/ACT Scores
Okay your overall GPA is not where you want it to be. The SAT and ACT can be a great time to make up for that. They do after all test your academic abilities and if you can get a great score, then you can offer balance to your application. So if you really need a stellar score on these tests, don’t even think about taking them without studying for them. Take a preparation course and if you can afford it, hire a private tutor to find your personal weakness and help you improve that side of you.

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