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Main types of wedding planning training programs

Wedding planning training programs are different from most other types of school. In fact, you might not need to go to wedding planning school at all, a topic that will be covered in a separate post. But if you don’t have much experience in the wedding or event industry, and especially if you want to work in a highly competitive market, like in New York or Chicago, then getting proper training is a must. In general, there are two main types of institutions that offer wedding planning courses and programs: educational institutions and professional associations. This article will explore the different types of programs offered at these institutions.

Educational Institutions

The courses and programs offered at educational institutions are more academic, similar to what you would expect from a community college. In fact, many courses are offered through community colleges. The courses are generally offered at the certificate or diploma level, not as a degree, but some colleges do have associate’s and even bachelor’s degrees available in event planning. The courses are generally offered as part of the school’s hospitality curriculum and they may take place in the evenings, on weekends, or online, either as interactive programs or in a self-paced format. They may also involve internships, and your school may offer job placement services. The Wedding Planning Institute partners with colleges and universities around the country to offer academic programs for aspiring wedding planners.

Professional Associations

One important thing to note about certification courses offered by professional associations: they are not like degrees, which are recognized state- and nationwide. Instead, they are specifically designed and recognized only by the particular association that awards them. So, if you choose to go this route, first research the various wedding planning professional associations to see which one you want to join, and then take the certification course offered by that association.

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