College technology majors


Have you thought about majoring in a computer-related field? Whether your dream is to design websites, provide clients with IT customer support, or engineer networks or software, you can find a degree program that meets your needs. You might go to a school that focuses exclusively on information technology and computers, or you could go to a larger community college or vocational institution that has a wide array of programs, of which those related to computer proficiency make up just a few.

Information Technology

In this major, you will learn about various aspects of computers that will serve you well in a future career in IT or business. You will learn about many different computer applications, be trained in programming and different types of software, and may also learn about network management. You will learn how to design computer systems as well as analyze them so that you are prepared for whatever your career presents you. You might also learn about how to develop websites or design databases. You might also learn about network engineering by taking classes related to network infrastructure. After graduating with an associate’s degree in information technology, you could become a programmer, web developer, work in customer support, or become a network administrator. Some people also choose to continue on to get a bachelor’s degree in IT.

Web Design

If you aspire to design websites, craft e-marketing material, and develop logos and other digital pieces, you might consider a future in web design. Classes tend to focus on web design, publishing, branding, and multimedia. You’ll learn about aspects of graphic design and how to create multimedia projects. You might have a specific focus on a particular type of website, such as those grounded in social media. You will get practice going through the production process and working with web servers, and will be trained in the coding systems behind beautifully-designed websites.

Network Engineering Technology

In this major, you’ll learn the basics of computer network engineering so that you can find success after graduation in computer support positions. You’ll learn about topics such as Microsoft desktop, take classes on different servers, as well as study Cisco CCNA and A+. After graduating, you’ll know enough to take and pass a number of network engineering proficiency exams, such as the Microsoft MCP. You’ll also learn about coding, such as Java, XHTML, and Oracle. You might have an opportunity to have an externship or internship with a company that will allow you to practice your technical knowledge.

Software Engineering Technology

An associate’s degree in software engineering will prepare you for a future either designing computer software programs or continuing on to earn a bachelor’s of science in an information technology-related field. If you choose this major, a lot of your studies will focus on various types of coding, such as Javascript, C++, and VB.NET. You’ll learn the programming essentials and will also be introduced to different operating systems. You may also have classes that teach you about hardware basics and how to analyze systems.



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