Make a Statement

Lately I’ve heard so much about statement necklaces. Just like their name, these necklaces get you noticed. Instead of a single chain that lays delicately on your chest, statement necklaces are typically described as big, chunky, and bold. Whether through color, sparkle, size, or design, these necklaces have changed the game when it comes to jewelry. Gone is the day where jewelry takes a backseat to an outfit. This jewelry trend can make your outfit.
The great thing about this trend is that it can be worn anywhere. With a plain white blouse at the office this type of necklace can add a punch of color. If you wear one to work just make sure that it compliments your outfit and isn’t so attention grabbing that it is distracting. These necklaces are also great for grabbing drinks or dinner with the girls. Since they tend to be on the flashy side they may grab a guy’s attention, but girls are more likely to appreciate them.
One popular type of statement necklace is called a bubble necklace. Just like the name, the necklace is formed with round stones of color, looking like bubbles, all strung together in an interesting shape. These necklaces jazz up any plain tee or denim shirt. Since it is summertime buy one that has a bright sunny color like yellow or turquoise. Statement necklaces don’t all have to hang the same. There are many variations, such as a single strand, three rows, or one that tapers down to a point.
Word to the wise, if you are going to wear a statement necklace, which you totally should, make sure that your outfit doesn’t compete with its attention grabbing factor. No one wants to be blinded by busy patterns, neon, along with tri-colored rhinestone necklace. These pieces are best worn with something more on the simple side. So the next time you are looking to add a cool accessory to your collection, check out statement necklaces for an easy way to make any look more put together.

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