Make Every Decision Count!

I am Ashma Jivani, and I currently work in Health Care Consulting. I have attained my undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Georgia in Marketing, and Journalism & Mass Communications, respectively. After I completed my BA in marketing, I realized that I did not wish to work in sales – which were primarily the type of offers I was receiving at the time. So I decided to go back to college for further education. I am a creative person who enjoys writing, and was always interested in Advertising (my main reason to pursue Marketing) so I did my MA in Journalism with a concentration in Advertising. Post-graduation, I interned at several different PR and Ad agencies from small to medium to even large corporations like BBDO. I enjoyed the field a lot and was mesmerized by the creativity.
How did I end up in Health Care Consulting, you ask? Well, that is what my article is about: Plan ahead and plan well. Every class, every extracurricular activity, and every committee that you join, should be worth your time and should help you grow towards a strong future. Given that, no matter how much you plan how you would like your life to be, always be open to the opportunities that life has to offer. It is all a learning process and college is one of your primary teachers. Make the most of it.
I still remember the time when I just stumbled into Marketing. I had no childhood dreams of studying Marketing in college and pursuing a world-class career in the field. I went in there because it was a broad business degree. I wanted to be free and open to several career choices and degrees like Management, Marketing, and Business Administration give you that freedom. Similarly, my MA degree was a broad Mass Communication research degree, which not only helped me with writing but taught me how to research and conduct experiments.
After several internships, I came across my current job – an opportunity as an Analyst in a Health Care consulting company. With my background in marketing and research, this position really appealed to me. Obviously not having any prior knowledge in health care, I actually learned most about this field on the job, and found that the best thing about a job in consulting is that I get use all my skills that I have gathered over the years. There is a bit of Marketing involved, a lot of writing, some research, and PR in the form of consulting. So, my life shaped up similarly to what I invested in college – I went for a broad range of education and I received a broad ranged industry. For me however, I wish I did things differently.
My main giveaway from my experience is that it is extremely imperative for you to choose and plan exactly what you wish to pursue in life. Pick an interest and dig further into it. Undoubtedly, your interests may change throughout college, after college, and even after you start working in your field. But use your time in college to really expertize yourself in whatever you have set your goals for. When choosing a class, activity, or committee – think: Is it worth my time? What will I learn from it? Will it help me grow? If your answers satisfy you, only then move forward with your decision. Taking an easy class just to keep your GPA up will only help you with grades, but it will take away your valuable time that you could have spent learning something meaningful and noteworthy.
Of course, you wish to have fun in college and sometimes attend things just because you feel like it or because your friends are attending. Keep all that to occasional happenings. College is the one time in life that you will have the opportunity to choose what you wish to study. After that, you start learning what life wishes to teach you. So MAKE EVERY DECISION COUNT!

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