Make Running Fun

I am a runner and get asked all of the time why I run. People who don’t run seem so confused when I say that it’s fun; it really is! I always follow that up though by saying that at first, I hated running too and thought it was incredibly boring. It’s something that takes getting used to, just as everything else! I found that just forcing myself to run consistently for an entire month made me like running; it’s like forming a habit. Maybe this doesn’t work for you, though. If not, then here are some other things that will help you learn to love running:
Sign up for a race. This is not only fun but it’s a great motivator. Start small and build your way up—don’t go for a half marathon or marathon right away! Choose one that sounds fun: so many race coordinators lately have realized what a draw a fun race can be to people, so there is a plethora of options for beginning runners.
Races also are a great motivator. They give you a goal that you can physically mark on the calendar, they force you to find a program and stick to it (or end up walking the whole race), you can run them with a friend and hold each other accountable through the training, and they give you something to tell friends and family about. Plus, once you complete it, you’ll feel a huge surge of confidence. Every race I have completed I immediately started to think about the next race I wanted to run!
If a race isn’t your thing yet, then try setting another goal or running for a reward. At first you could come up with a reward for every run, but if it’s food make sure it’s healthy! You could also reward yourself with a massage, or that purse you’ve wanted forever. I still use workout clothes as a reward—halfway through training, if I’ve followed it perfectly, I’ll buy myself a new workout top or shorts. Then I want to run even more so I can wear those new clothes!
My last piece of advice for making running fun: run outside. I can’t tell you how much I hate running when I’m forced to do it indoors, and I love running. Choose nice trails or paths that take you through a pretty area on campus. This again is a motivator—you’ll potentially run past people you see (or cute guys!) and you might end up running longer than planned. Seeing people ends up making you push yourself harder!

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