Make the most of your small college closet

Dorm life means small space and an even smaller closet. It is wise to not bring every single pieces of clothing that you own to college with you because of this limited space. But, when things start to get a little crammed it is necessary to know how to make the most of your available closet space.
Before you leave each year to go back to school, browse through the clothes you own and really think about what you do normally wear and what you don’t. Be honest with yourself. Pull out the items that you normally pass over when choosing your outfit for the day and put them in trash bags to donate. If you have gone anywhere from 4-6 months without wearing certain clothes it is safe to say that they can be donated.
Another tip to getting the most of your dorm room for the sake of your closet is to loft your bed. You will be able to add another rack for clothes, organizing bins or even a shoe rack. The valuable space that you gain back in your room when you loft your bed is something that you should definitely consider doing.
To maximize space within your closet, consider getting another rack or bar to add across the width of your closet. This will add another layer of hanging space for your clothes. Organize it even better by putting shirts on the top rack or bar and pants on the lower one.
Besides adding more racks or bars into your closet, you can make the most out of the use of your hangers. This will also create a layered effect of your clothes similar to the racks and bars would have. Put soda tabs around one hanger and attach another hanger through the holes of the tab. You could add as many tabs as necessary, creating layers and opening up overall hanger space.
If your closet has doors, over the door hooks are GREAT space savers as well. Use those to hang up bulky jackets and sweatshirts so that you aren’t crowding up your closet space.

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