Make the Most of Your Spring Break

One of the best parts of the spring semester of college is a week-long break. Whether you intend to catch up on sleep or travel far with a group of your best friends, there are many ways that you can actually make this spring break really meaningful.
1) A trip with friends
Traveling with a group to your friends to somewhere warm to have a fun spring break is probably the most common option for college students. If this is the route you plan to take, start planning early. Popular locations tend to raise prices astronomically during prime spring break season. The earlier you decide where you want to go and who you want to go with, the better. Consider even spending the week at a location that isn’t your usual Miami or Mexico. The earlier you begin your search, the better your options will be and the more money you could potentially save.
2) Club/Organization Trip
Commonly known as alternative spring break, these kind of trips give you the possibility to make your trip meaningful to other people. Whether you build houses in low-income neighborhoods or spend your time educating youth – these are an excellent way to spend your break. Giving back and helping others may be the kind of meaningful experience you are looking for. If that’s the case, start looking early in the semester for organization’s that offer these kinds of possibilities.
3) Sleeping on the couch.
It’s not lazy – it’s smart. Not only are you resting up to have a killer second half of the semester, but if you travel home you have the possibility to spend valuable time with your family and friends from home. It is okay to spend a week recuperating and enjoying home cooked meals – it is also way cheaper than going to an exotic location. Definitely make the most of this time though (aka: don’t just sleep). If you are still unsure what your plans are following the end of the spring semester spend this uninterrupted time searching for an internship or job. Really take your time making detailed cover letters and resumes for each position that you apply to. Highlight the skills you have in an appropriate way to match the job or internship positions. This is also a great time to seek advice from your family and friends about what you think your life could be like following the end of the semester – especially if you are graduating and entering the real world.

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