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I’m a 26 year old Fashion Professional currently working as Manager of Customer Service and Planning at a Denim Factory in Mexico. I’ve worked as a freelancer designer, window designer and sales assistant. I discovered and fell in love with the world of fashion and style from a young age. Having been a student of fashion, I have come to experience fashion in several ways and know it is a versatile tool and good to have on your side.

I discovered and fell in love with the world of fashion and style from a young age. I was only fifteen. Having been a student of fashion, from designing, to experiencing it, to marketing and development, and now working as a manager at a denim factory I have come to know many faces of fashion. I’ve seen the mean side, the artsy side and even the deep side of fashion. I´ve grown with fashion and I´ve learned it can either be a bonus point to your favor or it can be an obstacle.
In general people don´t have that good a relationship with fashion and clothes; to me it seems like most people don´t care too much for them. Most people tend to see clothes as something either shallow, not worthy of too much thought, or purely practical; after all, you cannot go walking around naked. However this underrated view of our wardrobe can cause some little to big problems in our life, from a messy appearance to an unapproachable vibe; this can lead to missing big opportunities in life.
If you judge a book by its cover, you might miss out on a great novel or end up bored out of your mind by page twenty. Although it is very shallow to judge a person based on what they are wearing alone, the reality is that clothes speak. Clothing is part of the 70% of non-verbal communication that goes on all the time. Beneath your t-shirt and jeans, or whatever you put on to leave the house today, lies a bunch of psychological and sociological reasons and meanings that people will interpret. We all judge at some level-even if it’s subconsciously- because brains can´t help but to interpret the signals clothes are sending.
Some signal are very clear to decipher, others need a keener eye to see but there are a few basic and simple guidelines so you can always look your best and make sure the message you are sending with your image is the most favorable to you in any situation:
• Be clean: make sure your body, face, hair, clothes and shoes are clean, or not too dirty. A natural clean person is responsible, organized and healthy both mentally and physically. This makes a person approachable.
• Be true to yourself: if what you see in the mirror doesn´t matches with your personality, other will notice too. People with image-personality conflicts give a vibe of being not true or trustworthy.
• Feel confident with what you wear: make sure that once you walk into school or work you will still feel as confident with your outfit as you did back in your home. Confidence can be affected by what we wear.
• Chose pieces of clothing that flatter your body. If a piece of clothing throws off your proportions, people will focus more on bits of you than on all of you, taking away attention from your personality.
These are the guidelines I have learned from helping people with their image. I use them myself; they have helped me with a good share of interviews, relating to classmates, meeting new people and feeling confident and confortable every day. Moreover, they are very basic and easy to follow. They will give you the ground floor to build a great image and a useful wardrobe that will work for you in any situation; whether you´re at a college interview or making new friends at a party. I hope you’ll find them as useful as I have and if you have any question or would like to know more about how to make your wardrobe work for you instead of against you, don´t hesitate to comment or ask anything, I’ll be glad to continue advising you.

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