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Design is more than just colors and patterns on product.  An element of styling goes behind every piece of product produced.  It is what is called “Fashion Styling,” which is another concentration offered through many online and on-campus fashion schools.

Fashion styling essentially involves delivering the message of the brand or designer.  This message can be delivered through a number of ways, including advertisements, commercials, catalogs, fashion shows and more.

In order to successfully master this, students will learn how to research and develop original design and styling concepts.  This research is both retrospective in history and of current trends across the globe.  They will combine various garments to create the right outfit for their clients.  An important part of the fashion industry, film styling students will also learn how to design visual aesthetic around a fashion product and ultimately produce photo shoots.

Successful graduates of the program will be able to successfully style, produce and art direct for a number of media, both print and online, to sell their product and promote the image of the brand.

Career opportunities abound in fashion styling.  Graduates can take their degree to the fashion show business, working as a show stylist, designer and director.  Alternatively, graduates can work in the fashion journalism, as a stylist for magazines or other publications, creative directors, fashion editor, or more.  Graduates can also be hired as personal stylist for A-list celebrities or personal clients, as well as for larger retail stores.

It is an exciting industry to enter, especially on the design and style end of the spectrum.  Where you go with it depends on your motivation and pursuit of your dreams.  However, a certificate or degree in fashion styling is the first step in an incredible journey.

Academy of Art University, Online Education:

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