Manage your online reputation

Through your social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more you are relaying bits of your personality and reputation to the entire world. Your online reputation is just as important as the ones that people know in real life.
How you act online and what you are posting truly is out there for the world to see no matter what your privacy settings are. It is imperative to be conscientious of what you are posting all the time as one poor judgment can cost you big time.
This is especially true if you are beginning your job search. Hiring managers have begun to research the people that are applying to their jobs beyond their resume by looking for their profiles online.
Consider beginning to clean up your act online if there are posts that you don’t think you would want an employer to see. Also, if you are truly not going to be able to control the type of content that you are putting online, double check your privacy settings. Some social media platforms are constantly changing their settings for privacy unknowingly, so make sure you check frequently.
If you are keeping your profiles public, you can increase your professional online reputation by posting content that is relevant to your industry. Contribute to valuable conversations around topics that you are interested in and interact with leaders in your industry.
All social media platforms offer great benefits to interacting with those that you wish to stay in touch with. Learn how to be appropriate on each of the platforms to make the most of their true capabilities.
Always remember, whatever you post on social media it is out there for anyone to find, see, send and attribute to you. Don’t put yourself in a situation where you sit in an interview and have an employer reference something that you have put on social media.

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