Manage Your Social Media Profiles

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest are all part of our daily lives. We use them to openly express ourselves and communicate with friends. They are a form of entertainment and fun. However, when the time comes to start applying for college, you want to start being very aware of how your online profiles portray you as a potential college student candidate. No, it is not fair that college admissions offices might Google you to see what your online presence is like, but they do it. Make sure they see an upstanding potential student.
Google Yourself
No, this is not narcissistic, it’s necessary. You need to view yourself as a college admission office would. Put your full name in and then do the same for any nicknames and see what pops up. If there is anything you’d rather not have viewed, it is your right to email or telephone the website and ask them to remove or change any information. This can take a while, so get started way in advance of your first mailed college admission packet.
Online Profiles
Having online profiles on facebook, twitter, pinterest and other social media sites is not a bad thing. Just because you are applying for colleges does not mean you have to delete your accounts. However you need to go through these accounts to make sure there isn’t anything in there that will make you look bad. Any posts using expletives should be deleted. Any badmouthing of fellow students or any other human being on the planet should be removed. It is not the business of the college admission office to know your personal political views. They are personal for a reason.
Any photos that you cannot show your parents should be deleted. If your friends have tagged you in any photos on their accounts, delete all tagging, even if the photos are innocent. If the photos are not so innocent, get your friends to delete the photos from their accounts. Offer to do the same for your friends too.
Using Your Profiles to Your Advantage
Now that you have cleaned up your profile, use it to your advantage while applying for schools. Start recording your achievements on your profile. Got an A on that hard chemistry exam? Post it. Heck, take a photo of the exam with the A on it. Organized a beach cleanup with friends? Put that up.
If you have an interesting hobby that makes you stand out as a college candidate, start making your profile rotate around it. Use your online profile as an online resume.

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