What is Management?

Rousing the troops, to move in the same direction is one way to think of management. Hopefully, a manager is moving these troops in a coordinated effort to achieve a unified goal using their skills and abilities. A career choice in management can take different avenues. Some of your skills will be stronger in one area and this can be an indicator of direction.
Management analyzes how to use a company’s limited resources for the best use, being both economical and accomplished. This takes planning, sketching out the what, how and when of the project. Staffing up the endeavor requires you to look into who is best skilled and how to find them and hire them. Management organizes this staff once they are hired to work on the plan.
Leading a crew is like being the captain of a ship or a director of a movie. As a manager, you will be making the call to go, turn or stop. Checking for errors and taking corrective action will be your follow up task.
As you can see, management is a big job. Resources are always limited in any company, so you will need to decide when and how to use personnel and financial resources. This can include both the cash and the assets the company holds. With the burst of technology this asset needs to be managed as an entity unto itself. Technology uses equipment, personnel and cash and can be a huge component in a budget.
The scope of management will differ within each company and industry. Most companies of course need several managers and several layers of management.
Management makes decisions daily, probably hourly. You will learn to be flexible with volatile environments as a necessity. Following corporate standards and policies, management helps the whole company stay in line with the overall mission of a company.
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