Managing student work

By Pamela Tchakounte Kemajou

Beginning college as a new graduate from high school is a major footstep in life. Students often leave high school excited about leaving home and forecasting the fun adventures that awaits for them. For example: the excess partying and freedom at their control. But little do they know of the real challenge that awaits for them. When beginning college, you should create a life planner on how to manage your everyday activities, whether dealing with school or personal interest. Many 1st semester freshman always seem to fall their courses or are easily distracted by due to the lack of self-management. They came to school unprepared, with an objective to gain popularity and be one of the cool kids. Trust me, you don’t want to lead down that pathway.

As you get ready to begin your life as a college student, take time off and create a planner. Of course you still want to have fun while you’re in school, that’s only normal, but make sure to plan accordingly so you have no worries or regrets after the long weekend of partying. You want to start off by selecting a major you know suits your preferences, and as your selecting your classes, be sure to visit Many students have selected classes where they dislike their professor teaching style and in result they find themselves dropping out of the class. Not only have they wasted their time dropping and energy they have also thrown away their money. If a class is dropped after the school instructed deadline you will have no refund and will receive a W on your transcript. Although it doesn’t harm your progress, you want to try and avoid W’s as much as possible because not only does it show an incapability to complete a course, it also show you are incapable of overcoming challenges. To avoid this faulty misconception, plan ahead. Another tip when selecting your classes is avoid taking all easy classes during a semester. Always make sure to mix and match between your hard and easy class. This will lessen the pressure and give you an equivalent balance.

Once you have manage to create and commit to your class schedule, now you can proceed to selecting an organization to join. My personal advice based on experience, is to select only one club for the starting semester and determine as time passes by whether or not you are able to manage both classes and club. As your making a decision, think about your time set aside to study and your tolerance level because both classes and clubs requires major commitment. And finally, after coming across your final decision, than you can decide whether to add another club or two or to remain strictly focus on your school work. I highly recommend that when choosing which club to join, select one that is related to your major. Not only will you gain relevant experiences as you go but it is also a resume booster and shows future employers that you are reliable and are able to multitask. This will benefit you in so many ways and enhance your chances of getting your dream job.

Now that we have covered the basic fundamentals of managing college, let’s engage into something a little more exciting; how to manage you weekend. One important point I really want to stress out is if you plan on partying on the weekend, make sure you have completed all your work by Friday evening. Push yourself to do all your homework, extra credits, essays, whatever the case may be, just have it completed and if applicable submitted by Friday before you decide to step out for the weekend. Why is this necessary you may ask! Well because by having everything completed and submitted by Friday, you can freely enjoy your weekend stress free without thinking back to you having to wake up after a long night of partying to submit your work. This results in doing things last minute and receiving a poor grade when you could had applied yourself to finish everything by Friday with a well manage time and before you know it the weekend is yours to endure. But of course this does not apply to when you have an exam the next morning. Exams requires extra care and attention. You want to be able to study to learn and understand not to simply pass the test. Learn to separate between your priorities and self-activities. Time management is extremely important. Don’t follow the crowd make your own decision because who you are can outshine the whole crew, but if you are too busy pretending you will never have the opportunity to enjoy the spotlight.

When it comes to finding friends, make sure you look for people that are as serious about their education as you are. Doing this will increase your chances of excelling in life. With these kinds of friends, you will be motivated to engage in your studies more. Even though you may still have a lot of fun, school will always remain the first priority. Also building a relationship with your professor is also a bonus because it opens new doors for you in many ways. This is an important key factor to succeeding in college believe it or not.

I believe I have covered all the essentials needed for a successful starting year in college. My next article will cover managing the obstacles and challenges in college, so stay tune. I hope you enjoy reading this and hopefully this will serve as a successful guide as you begin your journey. Good luck and enjoy!

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