Search Engine Marketing

The invention of the internet was for computers to share information. Of course it has now become so much more. And we knew commerce would have to get involved. All companies, families and individuals can have their own websites. Companies want to promote commerce on their websites. With so much information on the internet, companies have to make plans so their information can be found.
Thus the birth of search engine marketing; which promotes websites by increasing their visibility. When we search for a topic there is an algorithm that performs the search and provides the net results. If your company doesn’t come up on the first page and even in the first few links your company’s products will still not be seen.
Companies want to optimize their chances of falling into the top five listing on any search. In this optimization, content gets written to achieve higher results. It can be measured by clicks per page.
Search engine marketing also known as SEM is big business generating billions of dollars of revenue. Since 2006 SEM is growing faster than traditional advertising. SEM has even grown faster than other online marketing.
Campaigns in SEM can be run in house by a company’s staff or there are outside vendors who specialize in this process. Consultants will also help a marketing team utilize this function.
Currently several methods are used to push a company to the top of any search for information leading you to a website. Most all of us understand Keyword search. Researchers study what words consumers are most likely to use when looking for an item. Then of course a website will want to use these words in the content on their website.
Commerce always continues to thrive. So of course paid inclusion was invented. Companies can charge a fee for their company to show up on these search results pages. Some of these sponsored listings are in the form of banners, pop up ads and any number of devices marketing can dream up.

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