Great elevator pitches

Marketing to a teenage will be different than marketing to a grandparent. Teens look to their peers for advice, for information and for buying guidance. If a marketer pushes too hard or if a marketer is overly aggressive it just becomes a turn-off to millennials. The younger the consumer the more a campaign can utilize social media.
Getting relevant content in front of a target audience in search of information is the goal of marketing. Some companies have redesigned their websites to promote a personalized user experience. Personalized advice based on individual’s portfolios drives a more satisfied experience for a user.
Customization and personalization allows the customer experience to meet their expectations from the login to the end result. Ideally a company wants the user to see themselves with the product, obtaining the service, or visiting a venue. A marketing team looking for proper pitch will learn where the blind spots may be lurking to inhibit this from happening.
Approachability is necessary in the ever changing market pitch. Enhancing a brand through the proper pitch gives a prospect a reason to engage beyond just the product offering, to deepen the relationship.
Some individuals need to explore, they need an opportunity to understand for themselves what a product is all about. They may need to ask questions to vent to their peers to conceive an online family in relationship to the product. If a company becomes the go to place for this information it puts them in position when it is time to buy.
Pitches that embrace various risk factors will appeal to the security minded individual. Dealing with consequences of purchases and offering trade-offs are the way some companies handle this problem. Transparency within a company and within their marketing allows an audience the opportunity to develop a relationship with the company. Being empathetic as a marketer can be a winning position.

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