Where Marketing Begins

Hello! Anyone out there? Companies want to get our attention. The way they do that is through marketing. Companies have a need to interact with consumers. Ideally they want a positive relationship that is favorable for both parties.
Before a business sets out on expensive advertising campaigns they need to identify their audience. Consequently finding out how best to reach this audience is another element of the puzzle. Everything a business does to get their product or service into the hands of customers is the goal.
The “everything” that needs to become part of the marketing plan starts at the beginning with product design, then packaging, all this before it gets to advertising. Marketing encompasses many distinct elements; design, pricing, public relations, sales, distribution and packaging. In addition marketing needs to use all these tools on the requisite audience. Marketing finds out who these right people are and where they reside.
To make a profit and stay in business a company allocates their resources; personnel, time, budget, physical supplies to achieve this profit. These resources are finite so juggling where and when to use them will be a marketing department.
The most dazzling blueprint will not return a profit if it isn’t built on knowing the customer. Great theories must reward in dollars.
Starting with the customer rather than the product will give the road to a marketing plan a solid foundation. What do people need? Why and where do they go to get it? Who will pay dollars to acquire it?
Business execs or owners who come from an entrepreneurial background understand the passion and excitement over a product. Assuming the customer will share this wonderment just by the nature of the product is a misnomer.
A consumer will need to see how the product or service can help them or fulfill a need they have. Creating the greatest gadget in the world to wash dishes won’t work if your customer always eats out.

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