Marriage Advice

Marriage is a wonderful thing, but it is also a very serious thing. Before you say I do, you need to make sure this man or woman is the perfect match for you. This decision is one that only you can make or decide, so it is up to you to find out the answer to that question. Here are some things you should cover before saying I do.

Children: Does he or she want kids? If so, how many? What are your partner’s beliefs regarding discipline with kids? How big of a voice will our kids have in our family? Would you put your children in school or home school them? What are your thoughts on homeschooling? Would you be opposed to adoption? Is it okay to discipline kids in public? If for some reason, we could not have children naturally, are you willing to get the problem checked?

Conflicts: If we experience problems down the road, are you opposed to marriage counseling or therapy? If I am disagreeing with something your family is saying or doing, whose side will you pick? Is divorce an option for you? What is the best way to deal with arguments in a marriage?

Money: What do you think about spending or saving money? Are you a spender or a saver? Can you budget money? Is it a good thing to save money for retirement later on? Are you in debt? How do you feel about debt? What if I want something and you want something, but we can’t afford both things? What will we do? If a family member asks to borrow money from us, what would you do?

These are some basic questions that need to be answered before deciding if this is the person you will live the rest of your life with.

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