Maximize Your Glasses with the Right Makeup

Whether you wear glasses everyday or just need to take a break from your contact lenses, you can transform your ‘glasses days’ into gorgeous days. When you wear glasses, you need a slightly different strategy for your makeup than you would use without them. With a few tweaks to your favorite looks, you can turn your glasses into your best accessory.

Rethink Your Liner

Black eyeliner doesn’t work with every face or every style of glasses so experiment a bit. Look at other dark shades like navy, forest green, and burgundy red. It’s a great way add some color to your look without overwhelming your face.

If you have thick frames, don’t shy away from heavy liner or smokey eyes. Glasses tend to magnify your eyes so you might be better off to stay away from black liner, which minimizes your eyes just as much as a black skirt can minimize your hips!

Keep Your Frames Clean

Getting foundation stuck onto your frames is annoying! If you’re regularly dealing with messy foundation, you are probably wearing too much foundation. After you apply foundation, go over your skin with a damp makeup sponge. This will help create a dewy look and keep your foundation on your face where it belongs. After you clear off the excess, dust on some powder to increase your foundation’s staying power. During the summer, try tinted moisturizer or BB cream. It feels light and will keep your skin comfortable all day.

Perfect Your Lashes

Mascara is important for making your eyes pop so don’t avoid it just because you’re wearing glasses. If you have long lashes that leave mascara marks on your lenses, start curling your lashes. Clamp it at the base, middle, and then the edges of your lashes before you apply mascara. The triple curl will give your lashes the ultimate lift. If you have very straight or long lashes, focus your mascara at the roots of your lashes. If you have too much mascara at the tips, your lashes will be heavier and fall flat sooner.

If you mascara tends to flake off onto your lenses, toss it! Mascara has the shortest shelf life of any cosmetic and needs to be tossed every three months. If your mascara is still fresh and new, you may be pumping it too much. Avoid making a pumping motion when you apply it. This will keep air from entering the tube. If you just tend to be messy with your mascara, go for a waterproof variety.

Match Your Makeup to Your Frames

If you have thick, dramatic frames then go for bold makeup looks. If you have frameless or thin framed glasses, go for a lighter look. If you have black frames, go crazy with color options. If you have a colored frame, stick with neutrals or a similar shade.

Create a Foundation

Don’t ignore your undereye area or your brows just because your glasses cover them! Cover dark under eye circles with concealer even if you don’t wear full coverage foundation. Focus on covering up an uneven areas then just dust over your face with a powder.

Your eyebrows are important for framing your face so don’t ignore them even if they aren’t fully visible. In fact, go for a stronger brow that you would without glasses. Brush your hair upward then go over your brow with a shade similar to your hair color (or a bit darker if you’re a blonde).

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