Maximize your Summer Break and Get Ahead in your Career

You had the best year at school ever. You went on an amazing spring break vacay with your besties. You aced your mid-terms, met your boyfriend and best of all, you figured out what you want to do with your degree.
Summer is here and now the living is easy, right? Not exactly. Yes, have fun and relax. After all, you have another challenging school year ahead of you, but now’s the chance to really make some headway in your chosen career industry. Read on for the top tips on maximizing your summer break to get ahead in your career.
1) Internship
Obviously, right? In an ideal world, you would have already established your summer internship in the early spring, but if not, it’s not too late. Go on job boards, attend career fairs, look into career counseling at your university – all these resources could lead to a summer internship.
2) Volunteer
Let’s say you didn’t land a summer internship. There’s one surefire way to get your foot in the door: work for free! Every employer likes that. And it’s a win for you too. Experience you can put on your resume, as well as invaluable contacts you will meet.
3) Network
No matter which career field you choose, there are so many groups, organizations and associations to join. Attending just a few of these events over the summer will help you get your name out there. Plus, you’ll already be on the inside track when graduation comes.
4) Establish professional presence on social media
It’s never too early to put yourself out there as a professional. You may not have graduated yet, but there’s no rule against joining LinkedIn and other similar sites as a professional. Just be careful not to hold yourself out as an experienced professional with degrees and licenses. That could get you in trouble.

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