Meeting new people in college

Matthew R. Bell is 25 years old, a senior at Cal State San Bernardino and pursuing a degree in Communications Studies with a concentration of Public Relations. While having a passion for writing, he wishes to extend my professional skills to Integrative Marketing.
Becoming friends with foreign exchange students can be beneficial for college students.
When meeting people from foreign countries you have to go back to basics in order to break through social barriers. Meeting new people always brings feelings of uncertainty. Much of this uncertainty can be felt when meeting people from different countries, and in any experience when meeting foreign exchange students. When I realized that Cal State San Bernardino housing consisted of a majority of students from around the world, I immediately became interested. I personally have always wanted to travel out of the country to places besides Mexico. My dreams to travel to places in the United Kingdom and France date back to my high school years.
The Majority of my classmates chose Spanish class because it was easy, but I chose to do French because it was different, though French was hard I found it to be insightful and interesting. Currently I have also learned that knowing French would be beneficial if I were to travel to Europe because it is a common language understood in the majority of European countries. Moving to the on campus dorms on the international floor was the most educational experience I had in college last year.
My room housed four male students, each of their own bedrooms and two of my roommates were foreigners. The first night was quiet as we all tried to get to know each other. Then life brought certain icebreakers, which broke down our language and social barriers turning some uneventful evenings to eventful all night encounters. Extremely tired from my eventful nights, I still had the satisfaction of a fun sober night just meeting new people and learning about their heritage.

After my year living on campus I realized how fast the year went because I was fully engaged and stimulated. During the following summer I felt a sudden increase in personal interest in all things global. I started getting into professional soccer including keeping myself informed about world cup updates. Aside from my new interest in foreign sports, I also had a new taste for food and music as I tried a variety of new ethnic pleasures.
Currently looking for scholarship opportunities, I hope to apply and be awarded money to travel to India. Although I have not left the country, I believe by the time I do get to travel I will be prepared to handle the culture shock as I now have a stronger diverse social background obtained from my new friendships and cultural experiences.

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