Cake decorator career

Are you someone who spends a lot of time in front of the television catching up on the latest baking shows and bake-offs? Do you consider yourself a pastry connoisseur? Do you find it simple to express your creativity through baking and garnishing pastries? Do you find yourself scouring on the internet for ideas on how to decorate cakes? Are your friends and family constantly asking you to bake for an occasion, whether it is a bake sale, a birthday or even a wedding or baby shower?
If you can identify with any of these situations above, perhaps you should consider a career in baking and even cake decorating. Cake decorating has evolved immensely within the past two decades. People are no longer just looking for a nicely frosted cake with two dimensional graphics. From whipped cream and royal icing to fondant, creativity is unlimited when it comes to the right baker. In addition to incorporating the right ingredients for a great tasting cake, today’s savvy customers are looking for the perfect cake inside and out.
A formal education is not necessary for students pursuing a career in baking and cake decorating as long as they have the relevant experience. This is an area where students are able to pick up hands-on experience with an after school job at a local bakery or a home economics class in high school. However, if students are looking to pursue a professional career (rather than one as a freelancer) working for a large bakery or hotel operation, it is highly recommended that students take a baking program at their local college or culinary institute.
Furthermore, to be a successful cake decorator, students require more than just baking skills. Many of today’s famous cake decorators are also artists who are able to sketch their ideas on paper and apply them to cakes using various techniques and baking ingredients.
A day in the life of a baker and cake decorator varies depending on the type of company in which you work. If you are an independent baker or an owner of a small bakery, you may not have orders on a daily basis. As a result, you may spend a lot of your time marketing and promoting your services until you have a regular roster of clients. On the other hand, if you work in a larger bakery or a hotel operation, you may spend a part of your time sketching out designs based on your clients’ expectations, running test trials and applying your designs to the final cake for delivery.
In short, cake decorating is more than just making the cakes look pretty. It is actually a combination of the science of making a structurally sound and appetizing cake and the art of creating an innovative and aesthetically pleasing design.
For more information on a career as a cake decorator, please contact your high school counselor or your local culinary institute.

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