Money and dating

Romance is a special part of being in a relationship, but often times, male college students may not have enough money to properly court a female in a new relationship.

The good news is, if a male college student is creative enough, a date in college can cost him less than $5.00.
This may sound crazy to you, or may seem like a cheap date, but there are several ways college guys can wow and impress college females without spending more than just a few dollars. The trick is to plan something showing that you care, and that you are paying attention.

For example, if a female loves going for a walk, plan a date at a local park. Bring some towels or a blanket, and offer to buy the female a coffee. Go for a nice walk along the park, look at the beauty that surrounds you, lay your blanket out, drink your coffee, and make good conversation. Remember guys, it’s not always the money put into dates that women care about, but the effort that women usually remember much more.

If a woman likes to be active, go for a bike ride together, and bring a big bottle of water for her on a date, and a powerbar. Or even a powerdrink and a single red rose. Together both options can be purchased for around $5.00.
Not only are you showing your date that you know she likes to be active and outdoors, but you are providing her nourishment for your date, and a bit of romance too.

The bottom line is that even while living on a budget in college, a guy can definitely be seen as a romantic if he plans the date correctly, and without spending very much money at all!

In fact, a guy can even get away with a free date! All he needs to do is write the female a letter and present it to her while the sun is setting. Women love letters. A piece of binder paper, a pen, and some reasons why you’ve been thinking about seeing a woman can be worth more than a diamond bracelet.
You can even pick a flower from a bush, carry the letter, and hand her both while the sun sets magnificently behind you both.

The bottom line is not every guy has money to spend on dates in college, but with enough charisma, and ideas, a guy can still “spoil” a female on dates, leaving her feeling like a million bucks, with you hardly spending any at all.

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