College student stress

I am a senior at the University of Colorado at Boulder working towards degrees in Speech Pathology and Psychology. I plan on getting my masters degree in Early Childhood Special Education. I would love to have a job that works with many integrative approaches to early intervention in children ages birth to three with special needs. I am particularly interested in neuroscience, autism, Down syndrome, and behavioral analysis. I’m an outdoorsy Colorado girl at heart with a passion for all things music. I’m always looking for new and exciting ways to stay motivated, enjoy life, be healthy, and succeed.

By Nina Geoffroy

College can be completely stressful and overwhelming. Sometimes, you may feel as if the day will never end. You may hear those last two sentences and not identify at all, which is wonderful, but someday, you may be in this position. If you have been through this, you know exactly how hard it is to stay motivated. Whether it is family struggles, friend issues, relationship problems, job stress, or an educational mishap, you have to find a way to cope and push through.

This can be difficult. The more stressed I become, the more I find myself letting go of myself. I stop doing my hair, picking out nice clothes, and putting on makeup. Not everyone does these things, and they are by no means necessary for being a confident person, however, these are things that make me feel better about myself. When I stop doing these things, I find myself spending more time in bed, sleeping more than necessary, neglecting responsibilities, spending less time doing what I love, and in turn I feel more stressed out. Essentially, I am perpetuating the cycle and making things harder on myself in the long run.

I have tried doing things like forcing myself to wake up, put on a cute outfit, and do my makeup. Unfortunately, these things are not easy to do when you are feeling down. It is necessary to find a way to motivate and inspire yourself. I love music and creating playlists meant to inspire, so I sat down and took time to do something I know I am good at. I went for a hike to remind myself of the beauty of going outside rather than saying indoors. Finally, I decided I needed to do something to reflect the person I want to be, so I changed my hair. I got a cut that not only reflects my personality but also where I want to go in life. I look more mature and confident and people are noticing. By doing things that boosted my confidence internally, I found that I was able to project a better me. This gave me the boost I needed to get through a rough week. When I feel more confident in myself, I feel more confident in my ability to overcome a rough week and power through all that comes my way. I encourage everyone to find what fills him or her with confidence so that they put their best foot forward every week.

Helpful Suggestions:
-Is there something you have been neglecting that you really love? Art, music, cooking, poetry, being out doors, sports, etc. are great places to start!
-What feeds your soul?
-Take time for you everyday. Make sure you best your best you forward so that you can show others (and yourself) that you are ready to tackle the day and life’s challenges.
-Be excited for yourself. If you have an accomplishment, it is okay to praise yourself. While it is important to remain humble, sometimes it is nice to remind yourself how awesome you really are!
-Remember: MISTAKES HAPPEN. Don’t let a small mistake knock your confidence. This leads to a downward spiral. When this happens, look at your achievements and remind yourself that you are capable. Confidence now gives you confidence in yourself and your future successes, and nothing can be more motivational than believing you can reach your goals.

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